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If you are looking for a class that teaches self-defense, respect and improves the fitness of your child you are at the right place.

The classes of Cyril are mixed with a traditional Karate approach based on the Japan Karate Association syllabus and motricity exercises that will develop the mental and physical aptitudes of your child.

If you are an adult looking to polish your Karate and Martial Arts skills, Cyril can also help you to reach your goals.

Karate for Kids

The "Karate Kids" class is open to every child aged between 4 to 8 years old.

The class is a mix between Karate and games that will improve the general fitness and mental of your kids.

Karate for Adults

If you are a Karate practitioner or if you are willing to discover this amazing Martial Art.

Cyril can definitely build a program to help you in reaching your objectives.

Martial Arts for Kids

This class is designed for Kids who are interested in Martial Arts in general. It is similar to the "Karate Kids" with a broaden approach to Multi Martial Arts and self-defense.

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