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The concept that was the origin of my career switch; Ikigai...

It has been a while since I posted here and today I would like to share an interesting concept known as Ikigai "a reason for being" coming from Japan.

As some of you know, I am coming from a Supply Chain background and I have worked in this line of work for 5 years+ before exploring the world of Recruitment. In parallel to my evolution in the corporate world, I started coaching kids and little by little I felt inside me that this was bringing me more happiness than my job.

In order to nurture my curiosity, I decided to explore the opportunities in coaching in Singapore and while I was browsing the web, I found an article on the concept of Ikigai. What I discovered that particular day, would be the turnaround in my life.

Basically, Ikigai is a concept that will help you answering 4 core questions.

  • What you love?

  • What you are good at?

  • What the world needs?

  • What you can be paid for?

Based on this concept, the reason for being of each of us will be at the center of all these questions where you would be able to be happy, have a feeling of being useful, earn money and be respected for what you are doing in life.

As you can imagine, my Ikigai was Karate and coaching oriented and today I feel more happy than ever.

And you? What would be your Ikigai? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this concept.

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